5 Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring Commercial Cleaners 

If you are a business owner, then you certainly know that a commercial cleaning company can certainly help you save a lot of time and trouble, and although there are tens of such companies in Kapiti, choosing the right one for you can be challenging. This is why it is very important to ask a list of simple key questions when hiring commercial cleaners that will help you decide if they are the most suitable choice for you, or if you should keep looking. Here are the top five most important questions that you must answer them before signing any contract:

1. What Is Your Experience In The Field?

The first and perhaps most important question is related to the experience of the commercial cleaning company, so make sure to ask the company for how long they have been in business. Although this is not a universally applicable rule, older and more experienced companies tend to offer cleaning services of a higher quality than the newer ones, and you need a professional and sustainable company that is always committed to providing impeccable commercial cleaning services. Opt for the companies that have been offering commercial cleaning in Kapiti for at least 10 years. 

2. How Much Do You Charge?

This is the question on everybody’s minds, as different cleaning companies have different rates. Some of them may charge you by the hour, while others charge you per square footage. It is better to opt for cleaners that offer competitive pricing based on the square footage, on the depth of cleaning (superficial or in-depth cleaning) as well as on the schedule of cleaning. Also, make sure to ask for a free quote before hiring the company to do all the work!

3. How Often Do You Screen Your Employees?

It is crucial to ask the cleaning company how, when and how often they screen their employees. Regular police checks should be mandatory and should be part of the company’s policy, and a company that runs regular criminal background checks on its employees is certainly a reliable and trustworthy one. Regular drug screenings should be performed as well. 

4. Does Your Company Offer All The Equipment And Supplies? 

The commercial cleaning company should offer all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies, and there should be nothing for you to worry about. Buying the supplies separately can cost you several hundred dollars more, this is why it is highly recommended to opt for a company that includes everything in the final price. 

5. What Type Of Guarantee Do You Offer? 

Every commercial cleaning company that takes pride in offering high-quality services should offer a guarantee. If the work is not 100% guaranteed and the company does not offer you either a partial or a full refund, then you should keep looking. However, it is important to review the work and to call the cleaning company as quickly as possible if you are not satisfied with the work. In most cases, they will send a team of professional cleaners to review and correct the problem, at no extra cost on your side.